JULY 2000


In an exclusive article by Charles Smith in the May 9, 2000 edition of, it was disclosed that the oil ministers from the OPEC nations quietly told national security advisors on Capitol Hill that the oil production cutbacks -- are being implemented at the request of the Clinton administration on behalf of Russia, Indonesia, Mexico and Iran.

Russia, Mexico and Indonesia are directing their increased oil profits to pay off overdue loans from Western banks while many of the other Middle Eastern nations are using the increased profits to buy weapons.  "Iran is also trading oil to China in exchange for missile technology," stated the national security advisor.

The Clinton administration energy policy is to deliberately discourage domestic oil production.  As the prices start to rise enough to encourage domestic production, the OPEC nations deliberately flood the market to scare capital away from new production.

According to Vice President Al Gore, the recent hike in gas prices is not due to a shortage of oil, but rather to the Clinton administration's deliberate move to encourage an oil price increase.

"I think the reason is because we more or less asked the organization of petroleum producing countries to raise oil prices in helping Russia develop its economy," stated Al Gore on March 1 in response to a question about rising gas prices.

On May 19, 2000 RNC Chairman, Jim Nicholson, disclosed that Gore's personal financial disclosure form shows that he may inherit up to $1 million in Occidental Petroleum stocks from his mother -- which she inherited from Al Gore, Sr.  High petroleum prices couldn't hurt the value, but Nicholson does bring out the fact that Gore does not want to allow young Americans to invest part of their Social Security payments in the stock market.  (Maybe its only advisable for people who are educated in expensive private schools,  the rest of the unwashed public is too stupid to make the correct decision. . .)

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JUNE 2000


Al Gore, the environmentalist, is under attack from activists over his silence on an Occidental Petroleum drilling project in the Columbian rain forest, The Times of London reported on March 13, 2000.  

[Remember that Occidental Petroleum was the oil company owned by the now deceased Armand Hammer, buddy to Josef Stalin and Al Gore, Sr.  After Al Gore, Sr. lost his seat, Armand hired him at $500,000 a year and engaged in some very favorable stock and oil and land deals from which Al Gore, Jr. benefits today.  In 1995, on Al Gore's recommendation, the Clinton administration offered the 47,000 Elk Hills oilfield in California for sale.  Occidental was the highest bidder, paying $3.65 billion to triple its American reserves.  It was the largest privatization of federal property in US history.]

Occidental is undertaking a multibillion-dollar drilling project in an area of Columbia which an indigenous tribe claims as its ancestral lands.  The U'wa, a 5,000 person tribe, say they would rather die than see "the blood of Mother Earth" removed, have threatened to commit mass suicide by hurling themselves off a cliff, as many of their ancestors did to avoid Spanish rule in the 17th century.

Gore, author of Earth In the Balance (in which he condemns the gasoline engine) has refused to answer environmentalists' calls to intercede or to talk to the press about the U'wa case.

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APRIL 2000


When real conviction and a principled stand is needed, don't look to Al Gore to provide it.  The Washington Times reported on Feb. 10, 2000, that former Senator Alan Simpson, now director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, says that in 1991 then-Senator Al Gore offered his vote on the Persian Gulf war to whichever party would give him the most face time. 

Simpson is quoted as follows:  "Well, it was the most troubling thing I'd ever seen with any colleague, because [Gore] came into the cloakroom and [Senate Minority Leader Bob] Dole and I were sitting there.  We'd agreed on two hours [of debate] on each side, and he said, 'Bob how much time will you give me if I support the president [George Bush] on this vote?'" Mr. Simpson was being interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC's "Hardball."

Dole, after learning from Gore that the Democrats had offered seven minutes, said he would give Gore 15 minutes.  Simpson then jumped in, saying, "Maybe we can get you another five, so you'd have 20 minutes, Al."

Gore said he'd think about it overnight.

"And he went back to his office, and we sent word over there that he could speak during the news cycle in the debate," Simpson said.

Gore then phoned Howard Green, the secretary of the Senate, to warn that if he didn't get the promised 20 minutes, he would switch back to opposing the Gulf military mission.

"I always felt he might have had two speeches written," Simpson said.

This is the man who is interviewing for the job of Commander in Chief.

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APRIL 2000


On January 30, 2000 suggested that Bradley might turn to former Gore campaign aides to assist in his examination of Gore's veracity. obtained two memos written to Gore during his 1988 presidential run.  Both warn then-Senator Gore that a tendency to "stretch" the truth about his biography could get him into serious trouble.  

The staffers gave examples.  The campaign's deputy press secretary wrote in Sep. 1987: referring to a claim that Gore had campaigned in the South more than all the other candidates combined, the staffer wrote "That comment is not easy to defend."  CBS translated that to mean "it ain't so."

"This impression that you stretch the truth...reared its ugly head in Portland with your remarks about women staffers...," the 1987 memo continued.  Translation: Gore had claimed that half of his staffers were women, a false claim.

In Feb. 1988, the campaign press secretary warned Gore about overstating his role and accomplishments in connection with Gore claims that he had been a hands-on homebuilder and his boast that "I'm the only farmer in this race."

However, one can hardly expect more from Gore who is so proud of his great president, Clinton.  When White House press secretary Joe Lockhardt accused the Manchester Union Leader of "getting things wrong" when it suggested that Clinton had moved the State of the Union address to Thursday to let Gore capitalize on his bounce from the Iowa caucuses, the Union Leader did some checking.  They called the White House press office and asked why the President would be delivering the State of the Union address on Thursday instead on Tuesday.  On Jan. 31, 2000, they printed the reply: "Because of the Iowa caucuses on Monday and Tuesday night."  

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On July 16, 1999, The Washington Times reported on a statement which Gore made to National Public Radio's Bob Edwards: "I certainly learned a great deal from 3,000 town hall meetings across my home state of Tennessee over a 16-year period."

It quoted the Competitive Enterprise Institute' July newsletter, CEI UpDate: "Do the math. That's 187 town hall meetings per year, or a meeting in Tennessee every other day for 16 years, including weekends, holidays, vacations, and time spent running for president in 1988 and for vice president in 1992. Don't forget the amount of time he had to spend in Washington as a member of Congress, which is a full-time job, or the hours burning the midnight oil writing 'Earth in the Balance.' Makes you wonder where he found the time to invent the Internet."

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The editorial of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on June 4, 1999 highlighted another Gore brainstorm. In February, the veep woke up after being inspired by a nocturnal vision of a satellite that would beam pictures of the Earth over the Internet so "the children" could gaze at real-time images of the globe. He inserted into the President's budget a $30 million request for the Gorecam.

The editorial notes:

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A new system of airline "passenger profiling" endorsed by Al Gore, which he claims will enhance air transport security, is drawing fire from conservative and civil rights groups alike for being "ineffective at best" and potentially dangerous for its Big Brother snooping and inevitable discrimination, reported Conservative News Service (CNS) on May 11, 1999.

The controversial system, recommended by Gore's White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security, is an electronic system called Computed-Assisted Passenger Screening or CAPS, to profile airline travelers. The CAPS system will screen out the majority of passenger baggage for searching and allow airlines to concentrate on those automatically chosen by the system, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The system collects information on passengers from the electronic ticketing used by airlines. Critics argue that the system won't work because it assumes that the airlines know a lot about the type of people who will bomb a plane -- an assumption which is demonstrably false. The government would require the airlines to track all passenger traveling and the profiling system would, for example, use past travel to a terrorist-list country to determine whose luggage to search.

A Department of Justice report concluded that the passenger profiling system would discriminate against passengers based on alienage but then determined that such discrimination is "justified."

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JULY 1999


The Associated Press reported on May 11, 1999 that Al Gore hired former Rep. Tony Coelho to head his 2000 presidential campaign.

Tony Coelho resigned from Congress on June 15, 1989, after it was revealed that he was taking kickbacks from the owners of failing S&L's, shaking down campaign contributors who had business with the Department of Agriculture, and that he had personally written more than $293,000 in bad checks as part of the House banking scandal.

When Coelho ran the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee he brought in his protege, Terry McAuliffe as finance chairman. Coelho was one of the first in Congress to recognize the benefits of reaching out to the Asian community for fundraising. This is the same Terence R. McAuliffe who was Clinton's re-election committee finance chairman and who was the Democratic National Committee finance guru when John Huang was bringing Red Chinese money into the 1996 campaign.

If Gore were to win in 2000, would we be in for another 4 years of Communist Chinese scandals as well as environmental terrorism?

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JUNE 1999


Al Gore has some very strange views on the environment and its relationship to private property rights which he does not hesitate to espouse. He sees the necessity of a "wrenching transformation of society."

In his 1992 book Earth In The Balance he tells of the world the way he sees it:

Remembering that those who lack individual property rights put themselves at the mercy of the controlling government power to control every aspect of their lives, do we really need Mr. Gore's vision of America? He says:

Mr. Gore obviously doesn't think much of our Constitution which guarantees INDIVIDUAL, not group or community rights.

This isn't too surprising in view of his other public statements. On August 31, 1998, in anticipation of a summit meeting between Clinton and Yeltsin, the Associated Press reported that Gore said there was no need to be alarmed at the growing influence of the political hardliners in Moscow, including the Communists. "You know the Communists in Russia today are not the same as the Communists of 50 years ago. The idea that their participation in some coalition will represent a return to Leninism or Stalinism is almost certainly wrong."

Exactly what type of Communism is a good idea, Mr. Gore?

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MAY 1999


Gore brought out some of the Republicans' humor which usually doesn't get reported in the mainstream press with his absurd claim that he invented the Internet. (It was actually created by the Department of Defense under the name ARPANET in 1969 when Gore was 21 years old and 8 years before he came to Congress.)

James Sensenbrenner stated that he gave new meaning to "March Madness", Dick Armey said that if Gore created the internet, he (Armey) created the interstate highway system. Trent Lott said that he created the paper clip which holds everything together.

What Gore should have taken credit for was creating the internet TAX, that fee which the long distance carriers charge for each line. This was the TAX which was not authorized by Congress but imposed by the Federal Communications Commission on the telephone companies to fund the wiring of all of the schools and libraries. Never mind that 80+% of the schools were already wired and the wiring would be outdated by the time it was installed.

He also brought us the automobile (the emissions tax), nuclear energy (tax) and the cigarette (tax).

Quite a creative fellow.

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APRIL 1999


Vice President Al Gore has been a loyal backer of President Clinton's education programs -- from opposing school vouchers to making plans that would link every school to the Internet.

Michael Chapman opined on 2/17/99 in Investor's Business Daily that Gore's goal might well push an extreme environmental agenda which would shunt facts and sound science aside and instead look for crises that demand "solutions," including higher taxes and more regulations.

He noted that in joining most of the Democratic Party establishment in opposing school vouchers Gore has called them "wrong-headed" and said they "would drain precious resources from our public schools, and would barely benefit the students who need help the most."

Gore and his wife, Tipper, went to private prep schools and graduated from private colleges. Two of their children go to private schools, as did two tohers who are now in elite private colleges.

"Al Gore carries on (Clinton's) hypocrisy," said William "Chip" Mellore, president of the Institute for Justice, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm that defends voucher plans in court. "He refuses to make it possible for others to have the choice that he believes is essential for his own children's well-being -- the chance for a decent education."

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MARCH 1999


In the February 16, 1999 edition of Investor's Business Daily, John Berlau opines that the White House's multi-billion dollar "livability agenda" may be an opening salvo in the Gore 2000 presidential campaign. The key word in this campaign is "sprawl" which is blamed for most modern ills by a loose coalition of environmentalists, urban planners and social critics.

When Al Gore introduced the budget on Feb. 1, he said the new "smart growth" programs the White House backs will let Americans spend "less time stuck in traffic and more time reading to their children."

Berlau notes that one person's sprawl is another's new dream home and that the outer suburbs of cities which now provide new homes, businesses and office complexes were once farms or undeveloped rural areas. While smart-growth regulations sound appealing to voters, they would give the federal government a lot more power to control local zoning issues.

Critics of growth controls say the public's perception of sprawl often doesn't match reality. Sam Staley, director of the Urban Futures Program at the Reason Public Institute in Los Angeles, says: "We do not have a crisis of land in the United States." He points out that only 5% of U.S. land is developed, and no state has more than a third of its land developed for urban use.

Farmland loss has declined since the 1970's, Staley says. Much of this loss has occurred because farms have gotten more efficient. "What is really driving the loss of farmland is that we're so productive that we don't need that much land (to produce food)."

Most of the proposals seek to limit development in areas outside of set boundaries and prevent the development of farmland. The result is to increase the price of homes, increase congestion and pollution within the boundries, and increase the price of land outside of the boundary as compared to the land inside.

The major federal agency which would be used in this effort would be the Environmental Protection Agency.

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It is the 2000 campaign season and the bumper stickers are everywhere -- VOTE FOR GORE AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL END!!

This is certainly the message that the White House lawyers are putting out. The United States cannot survive if the Prevaricator in Chief were to be removed from office. Never mind that he committed perjury, never mind if he obstructed justice, WE CANNOT REMOVE HIM and "overturn the results of the last two elections."

Of course, Richard Nixon was elected twice by much larger margins (but he was a Republican who was hated by the Socialist Left which never forgave him for convicting Alger Hiss of perjury. Despite Soviet documents which have been opened to view proving that Nixon was correct, many of the main stream press still can't admit that Hiss was a Communist spy who served FDR and betrayed his country.)

No, even though Clinton's removal would result in the seating of the twice-elected Al Gore as President (as contrasted with Nixon's case, where Gerald Ford, a non-elected vice president would succeed), the Democrats are terrified. It is most probably true that the Democrats in the House and the Senate know Al Gore far better than the average citizen does. Maybe we should listen very carefully to them.

The Democrats do know about Gore's campaign fund-raising activities and his taking of illegal Communist Chinese money. They know where the bodies are buried. They know that Al Gore was raised in Washington, DC by his Senator father who was the protege of Armand Hammer, Stalin's good buddy. They know that Al Gore has declared war on the American economy and considers the automobile the largest threat to life on earth. They know that he has declared carbon dioxide (the gas we exhale when we breathe) a "pollutant" which requires us to shut down American industry and learn how to live as well as the Chinese peasants do -- without any modern conveniences or energy sources. They know that Al Gore has "NO CONTROLLING LEGAL AUTHORITIES" which tell him how to follow the law.

They know that Al Gore is so all-knowing and wise that he talks down to the American public like they are all retarded six year olds. They know that the reason Bill Clinton put him on the ticket was because of his connections with the big money sources. They know that despite the fact that his family raised tobacco and continued to raise it after his sister died of cancer (despite protestations to the contrary at the 1996 Democrat Convention), he has decided to declare war on tobacco. This makes sense because American tobacco companies tend to support Republicans. No war will be declared on Chinese cigarettes because those folks are big donors to Al. They also know that the Gore tobacco acres are still in production, but leased to someone else.

The Democrats know Al Gore very well. THEY DO NOT WANT HIM AS PRESIDENT. It would be a very good idea for all of the voters out here who do not know him as well to keep that advice in mind come the 2000 elections.

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